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    4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Welder

    Choosing the right metal fabricator to work with on your project is absolutely vital. The success or failure of the item you are making could be entirely dependent on the quality of the welds. As well as this, the dependency and cost of the manufacturer can have a serious impact on the project in multiple ways. Therefore, it is worth spending some time when decided which welder to work with.

    Below are 4 actions you can take to help you decide which welder to work with.

    Keep an eye out for bad signs

    We assume you will be visiting the site before the work is undertaken, when there keep an eye out for faults. Are the team wearing PPE, do they treat their work with respect and pride, is the workplace clean and tidy? For specific welding issues look out for sufficient prep. If a welder just dives into the work without properly preparing the surfaces this is a big red flag.

    Keep cost in mind

    This does not mean simply going for the cheapest quote, in fact it means the complete opposite. While spending less money in the short term might be appealing, it will likely inevitably bite you in the long term when the welds fail and you have to repair/replace them. If a price is much lower than competitors then there is likely something else going on. As the old adage goes: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    Carry out research

    Make sure you find a few welders and metal fabricators to visit. The more the better. This will better enable you to determine what a good and bad welder looks like. Then, if you have the time, carry out research into each organisation. See who they have worked with in the past and try and find example of their work or case studies.

    Ask the right questions

    Carry out research into similar successful projects beforehand. Then list a number of questions and observations based off the project and ask them to every fabricator you meet. If they cannot answer correctly or with confidence it may be worth considering somebody else.


    Shaw Metal Solutions offer welding services to a range of clients, and we feel confident that we easily pass the above check points. To find out more about our services just call us on 01422 359 791.

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    Complete End-to-End Metal Fabrication

    Shaw Metal Solutions are different to other metal fabricators for a number of reasons. Our dedication to producing work to the highest standard, as opposed to quickly or cheaply, is one of those reasons. Another is our dedication to keeping traditional hand spinning alive.

    Another still is our ability to provide a complete end-to-end metal fabrication service.

    There are plenty of fabricators out there who offer single parts of the process, whether this be design, fabrication or finishing. But Shaw Metal Solutions offer the complete range, all in house. The benefits to this are numerous, but the most obvious are a lower lead time and overall less expense.

    Design – We can help with the design of the product in a number of ways. As we have a range of experienced staff and a fully equipped shop floor we can offer new product design, in which we will sit down with you and help you build your product from scratch. We can also reverse engineer existing products in order to help you make improvements or offer maintenance and upkeep advice.

    Manufacture – After the product is designed we can then use whichever we feel is the best method for producing the product. In our shop we can facilitate CNC machining, laser cutting, most types of welding and of course both CNC and traditional hand spinning.

    Finishing – as vital as the previous stages, finishing can add an aesthetically pleasing finish or help to protect the product from rust or corrosion via various methods, including powder coating, anodizing, zinc plating and galvanising.

    If you are looking to streamline your metal product development, or pull it all into one manufacturer, then Shaw Metal Solutions could be that manufacturer. To find out more about how you can benefit from any of our services simply call us on 01422 359 791 or contact us here.

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    What Metals Can be Used in Metal Spinning?

    One of the greatest benefits of metal spinning is its adaptability. Due to Shaw Metal Solution’s ability to create the chucks which we form around we can develop and work with a huge number of shapes.

    But, due to our years of experience in both CNC and traditional hand spinning we are able to work with a huge number of materials, each of which can be used in different settings to different ends.

    Aluminium – due to its light weight and resistance to corrosion aluminium if often used in industrial settings, especially in the commercial lighting and syphonic drainage sectors. As well as being a very mailable metal it can be polished to a high-shine finish.

    Brass – an alloy of zinc and copper, brass can be formed hot or cold depending on how much zinc is present. Due to its fragility and appearance brass is often used in more decorative, small batch settings.

    Copper – copper is one of the most common metals used in the lighting industry due to its resistance to heat and corrosion. As well as having very useful technical properties it also has a very specific appearance which is definitely en-vogue at the moment. Due to its heat and corrosion resistance brass is used all over, from plumbing and wiring to extreme climates.

    Mild Steel – mild steel is a very tough, workable and inexpensive metal. This is why we work with Mild Steel regularly. It is tough and easily workable and so mild steel is used in a lot of places. However, as it is untreated it is easily susceptible to corrosion and needs treating accordingly.

    Stainless Steel – Stainless steel gets its name from its resistance to corrosion generated by its minimum 10.5% chromium content. Due to its resistance to corrosion it is often used to external settings and is incredibly tough.

    At Shaw Metal Solutions we have years of experience of working with each of these materials. Therefore, we can work with any material you require us to, or even advise on which material would be best suited to your purposes. To find out more call us on 01422 359 791 or contact us here.

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    Metal Fabrication 101

    Shaw Metal Solutions are based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. We have a fully equipped metal fabrication workshop and specialise in a range of fabrication processes. With over 250 years combined experience purely in our metal spinning department, we have more than enough expertise to be able to turn our hand to any metal fabrication job.  

    Due to the wide ranging experience of the team in the workshop, and our extensive tooling, we are able to offer a range of services, which includes: 

    Metal Fabrication is a catch all term for producing machines, structures, tools and objects from metal. Fabricating often requires that we use varying, or all areas of our workshop, including cutting, welding, punching, bending and spinning.  

    Where Shaw Metal Services differs from our competitors is in our ability to provide a complete end to end service for metal fabrication. Our team are fully trained and qualified, but more importantly they have years of experience in working with metal and fabrication.  

    This means that you can approach us with little more than an idea and we will work with you to design the end product, ensuring that it is functional and practical in all the ways it needs to be. We can advise on the ideal materials to use and how small changes can have a big impact on the production process which could potentially save huge amounts of time and expense.  

    Once we have the product designed we are then able to start producing it for you. As we have a fully equipped machine shop we will likely be able to manufacture it all in-house, with minimal use of subcontractors – saving further time and money and ensuring the highest levels of quality control.  

    To find out more about our metal fabrication services simply call us on 01422 359 791 or contact us here 

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    What is a Chuck?

    In our last post we spoke about metal spinning, what it is and how the craft of it is at serious risk of dying out. This week we would like to speak about a vital tool used in metal spinning, and how these tools enable Shaw Metal Solutions to offer bespoke services.

    The part we are talking about is the chuck.

    So, what is a chuck?

    A chuck is a tool that is integral to metal spinning. The term ‘chuck’ is used throughout all fabrication and takes on different uses for each situation. However, with regards to metal spinning, a chuck is essentially the mould that the sheet metal is formed around to create the finished product.

    It is obvious, therefore, that chucks are vital to the metal spinning process, we use them in almost every job we do.

    End-to-End Solution

    Unlike most of our competitors, Shaw Metal Solutions are able to offer a complete end to end solution for metal spinning, this includes the production of chucks. Due to the need for high-end, specialist machinery and training to make chucks, many of our competitors don’t produce them in-house, instead relying on other manufacturers, which increases time and cost. Or they simply have a set of stock chucks that they work off, limiting the items they can produce.

    However, Shaw Metal Solutions has both the tooling and team to be able to produce whatever shape and size chuck we need. This enables us to work with our clients from conception right through to fabrication. We will sit with you and design an end product that will fulfil all your technical requirements. We will then go away and manufacture the tooling that we need produce that product.

    This end-to-end solution ultimately reduces lead times, cost and fuss.

    To find out more about any of our services, including traditional hand spinning, simply call us on 01422 359 791 or contact us here.

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    Metal Spinning – a Dying Art

    Traditional hand metal spinning is one of the services that we are nationally known for at Shaw Metal Solutions. Unlike many other forms of metal fabrication, such as turning or CNC machining, metal spinning does not involve the removal of material. The result is a seamless piece of formed metal.

    When is Metal Spinning used?

    Shaw Metal Solutions have provided our metal spinning services for a huge range of industries, however a lot of our repeat customer are lighting suppliers and leading HVAC organisations. But, due to the experience of our team we can turn our hand to just about anything, working with items of varying size and utilising different material types. This means we can tailor our services to suit the needs of a huge range of clients.

    What are the Advantages of Metal Spinning?

    There are many advantages to using metal spinning vs other forms of fabrication. One of the most obvious is that metal spinning forms shapes which are seamless, and thus often stronger than fabricated counterparts – the welds being where stress accumulates and so fail. They can also often be produced at a higher rate and replicated more accurately due to the use of specially manufactured chucks, or moulds.

    Why a Dying Art?

    As efficient and accurate as metal spinning is, it is a difficult skill to learn with an apprenticeship ranging from 4 to 6 years alone. And as startling as the results can be, there is no denying it can be unpleasant work which means that manufacturers are simply not continuing the practice. However, Shaw Metal Solutions are dedicated to keeping this dying art alive and are actively seeking young people whom we can teach and pass our years of experience onto. By doing so not only do we ensure that we continue to be thought of as of the leaders of metal spinning in the UK, but we can ensure that this trade is kept alive and well.

    Shaw Metal Solutions

    Shaw Metal Solution were founded in 2011, but we have over 250 years combined experience on our shop floor in Halifax. As well as metal spinning we provide a range of services including fabricating, welding and CNC machining. To find out more about any of our services simply click here, or call us on 01422 359 791.

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