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  • Traditional Hand Spinning

    Traditional Hand Spinning

    Metal Spinning is one of the most important methods of metal fabrication. Shaw Metal Solutions advises that you should consider spinning prior to incurring the high costs of stamping or punching since the costs for these methods of producing a product could be exorbitant.  A metal spun prototype is your best solution.

    By definition, metal spinning is a method of forming a flat metal disc on a lathe into many shapes (see shapes).  Metal spinning is a must when you need a prototype, if tooling costs are high, quantities are low and lead time is crucial. Our process of metal spinning usually results in higher quality and lower costs, when compared to stamping, deep drawing, or die casting.

    Every spinner spins differently and the product varies slightly according to each spinner’s experience and ability.  In metal spinning, the forming process is accomplished by the use of a spinning lathe.  The spinner skilfully forms a flat piece of metal (cold roll steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, and copper) over a specially designed chuck to create the shape you want, much like a master potter at a wheel.