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Metal spinning applications

Metal spinnings are used in a wide variety of applications and industries, here are some examples of the types of project for which we manufacture spun parts.

metal spinning light shades


Lighting fixtures use spun metal parts in a wide variety of ways. 

Louvres and shades to control light distribution, minimise glare and limit light pollution.

Functional gear trays to hold components which can also form the main body of a fixture.
metal spinning bollards
Lighting bollards use metal spinnings for caps and glare control louvres.
metal spinning gear tray
Metal spinnings used for gear trays and decorative trim
HVAC diffuser spinning

Air Handling

Metal spinning is an ideal choice to manufacture outlets for HVAC systems. With the design trend towards exposed building services they often are designed to match the architectural detail.

HVAC outlet metal spinning
motor cowl metal spinning


Metal spinnings find their way into a  wide range of industrial applications such as fans covers for induction motors, process hoppers, funnels and mixing bowls. The need for cleanliness and resistance to harsh environments mean that stainless steel is an ideal material choice. 

stainless steel hopper spinning
Stainless steel process hopper spinning.
Stainless steel bowls formed by metal spinning.
architectural metal spinning


Metal spinnings find a wide range of uses in the built environment from decorative finishes such as building cladding and column bases to function items such as waste bins.

waste bin metal spinning
Waste bins formed by spinning
metal spinning column base
Column bases formed by metal spinning
metal spinning stool base
Metal spinnings used to form part of the base for bar tables and chairs