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Shaw Metal Solutions are one of the UK's leading metal spinners.  One of the few metal spinning suppliers who can offer a full turnkey service, from in-house tooling to complete value-added metal fabrication.

Metal spinning, also known as spin forming, is one of the oldest metal forming techniques and in combination with the latest CNC spinning equipment it still remains the ideal choice for a wide range of products and applications.

Metal spinning is often preferred due to the lower tooling costs and faster time to market when compared to Die-casting, pressing or deep drawing components.

The metal spinning process is suitable for most metals including mild steel, stainless steel, copper, brass , aluminium and specialist materials such as Inconel.  Spun components can range from a few centimetres to several meters in diameter.

The diversity of materials and sizes, when combined with other forming processes such as CNC punching, folding and welding create tremendous scope for innovation, only limited by the laws of physics and the ingenuity of the designer.

Hand Metal Spinning

spun lamp shade aluminium

Hand, craft or traditional metal spinning is ideal for prototypes, low volume production and relatively simple forms.

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CNC Metal Spinning

CNC spun component stainless steel

CNC or Automatic metal spinning is ideal for higher production quantities, batch to batch repeatability and lowest part cost.

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