Metal Spinning Brass

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Metal Spinning Brass

Material Overview

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, the exact proportions of which are varied to achieve specific mechanical or electrical properties. Brass is highly malleable, corrosion-resistant and electrically conductive. These properties make brass a common material in everything from plumbing and electrical fittings to instruments and decorative items. 

Left in its natural state, brass will tarnish to a dull state in free air, so if a bright finish is required, parts can be polished and coated in a clear protective lacquer. 

Metal Spinning 

The fact that brass is workable, corrosion resistant and attractive makes brass an ideal choice for the metal spinning process. It is suitable for hand spinning and CNC spinning processes. The most common brass items we spin include lamp shades, lamp bases, decorative bowls and other ornamental items.

Brass shaving bowl  produced by Shaw Metal Solutions

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